Closed petition Increase minimum and maximum sentences for all crimes against children

We want longer sentences to be given to people who commit or incite crimes towards children.

From physical harm to mental harm, molestation, grooming, manipulation, rape, exploitation and more.

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We want this changed as we believe current sentencing is not strict enough. These are the most evil of crimes and a child is the most innocent of victims.

A child must be protected and be safe.

Too many offenders have short sentences and go on to re-offend.

Justice is not served for all the children affected by adults who commit crimes against children, who are our future. They need protected and current sentences fail to do this.

Increasing sentences should keep offenders off the streets and away from our children!

Being abused causes many life-long issues that do not allow a person to heal and justice is needed to those who have suffered at a bare minimum.

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