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The poor quality of postnatal care is a continuous issue. Postnatal wards are often very small, overcrowded, overheated, noisy, lack privacy, with minimum support/care from midwives.

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Lactation support is close to non-existent. Lack of sufficient follow up & care from midwives, GPs, & health visitors.

After going through the physically intensive process of labour or c-section, women need to be supported. Instead, they're left to their own devices with minimum support & contact. This lack of support adds to struggles of adjusting to parenting & can contribute to postnatal depression. Countries like the Netherlands provide mothers with kraamverzorger (professional maternity nurse) for the first 10 days after birth. This helps with recovering time, lactation & other postnatal issues. The UK Government should fund a similar system and improve the postnatal care in this country.

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