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Petition Legislate to BAN leasehold houses & set ground rents of new-build flats to ZERO

Suffering leaseholders have endured endless consultations & years of failed reforms. Government must fulfil the promises made in 2017 to legislate to:

1. BAN leasehold houses
2. Restrict all ground rents on new leases to ZERO
3. Enact ALL of the Law Commission proposals

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The evidence is clear, Leasehold law is flawed. Failure to enact the Law Commission’s recommendations and banning leasehold houses & setting future ground rents to ZERO is a failure to fix the broken housing market

The Law Commission proposals are about “making our homes ours, rather than someone else’s assets” Prof Nick Hopkins, Law Commissioner

“Justice delayed is Justice denied” (Robert Jenrick, July 2020)

Leaseholders deserve more than empty promises

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