Closed petition UK Government to build UK Aid/Disaster Relief and Training Ship/s

To regenerate the UK shipbuilding Industry by building Ship/s to directly deliver UK Aid.

To provide a training platform to give work experience to future generations of UK & Commonwealth mariners.

To equip the ships to deliver ocean advocacy, medical support and environmental research.

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The UK has no means of directly addressing disaster relief except by the secondment of RN and RFA Ships of limited capability. There is currently no means to directly deliver UK Aid and community regeneration to UK overseas territories and the Commonwealth. These ships will be a world first in directly addressing the consequences of climate change whilst providing a practical face to COP26.

The UK faces a significant challenge in finding enough ships to deliver the practical seagoing experience required by individual seafarers to comply with International legislation.

The ships will be income generating and will be the face of UK Aid in providing a robust response to the environmental challenges of the future.

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