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Petition Allow Landlords to evict tenants where there are 14 days rent arrears

You can't go into a supermarket and steal your weeks groceries. There are laws in place to protect shop keepers large and small. Not paying rent is also theft with the Landlord being the victim. In Australia, tenants can be evicted for being 14 days in arrears with rent. Lets have that system here.

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The current system is unfair to Landlords. If a Tenant doesn't pay rent then it can take a year for Landlord to regain procession. In that time the Landlord still has to pay mortgage and other costs. This can ruin many small scale Landlords. Further more, it incentives Landlords to only rent their properties to tenants with higher than average income who are likely to care about getting a bad credit rating. Lets have an Australian style system which aims to be nutral between Landlord and Tenant.

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