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Petition The Government to fund either a new bridge or repairs for Hammersmith bridge

Hammersmith bridge is now shut to pedestrians as well as vehicles and cyclists it’s impacting on many lives. We need the government to step in a fix the bridge, or build a new one and we need a temporary one to allow pedestrians and cyclists to get across.

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School children can’t get to their schools easily either side now, workers are unable to get across it’s an additional 30-60 mins on people’s journeys. The pollution and traffic has risen in barnes, putney and Fulham due to re routed traffic. Local businesses are going under as footfall has died. The hospital is no longer accessible in emergencies. The government needs to step in to support the local community and councils.

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Government responded

This response was given on 18 September 2020

The Government wants to see Hammersmith Bridge opened as soon as safely possible, so that – at a minimum – people can cycle and walk across. We have established a group to determine the next steps.

The Government wants to make sure that Londoners can move round the capital easily, on public transport, through active travel and on our roads. As part of that, the Government wants to see Hammersmith Bridge opened as soon as safely possible, so that – at a minimum – people can cycle and walk across the river, and in time return the bridge to full use.

To help find a speedy resolution to the situation, the Government has established a Taskforce – led by Baroness Vere – to bring together the two Councils, TfL and the Ports Authority to assess and determine next steps. To aid the Taskforce, the Department for Transport has commissioned its own engineering advice on the Bridge’s state of repair.

The Department will also continue to work with local groups and stakeholders to consider all the options available to help deliver an immediate solution – including any temporary measures that can be brought in to help with local traffic.

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