Closed petition Ban all advertising of carbon-emitting SUVs in the UK

The extraordinary growth of carbon-emitting SUVs has contributed hugely to global car emissions (almost entirely cancelling out carbon gains made by the growth of Electric Vehicles) and these cars add to poor air quality that studies show kills tens of thousands each year.

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Cigarette ads are rightly banned, and there is no reason why car manufacturers should be allowed to continue to promote carbon-emitting and polluting SUVs.

In 1965, amidst growing concern over the impacts that smoking had on health, advertising cigarettes on TV was banned in the UK. By 2005 all promotion had been banned, and smoking has declined as a result. Yet we still allow car manufacturers to promote carbon-emitting SUVs that impact air quality and contribute to carbon emissions. Why? In line with sensible precedent on banning advertising to drive down smoking, this government should ban all promotions of SUVs.

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