Closed petition Ban school exclusions after the Covid-19 pandemic

At No More Exclusions we call upon government to end the power to exclude children from school after emerging from such an unprecedented period of upheaval!

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We feel it is imperative to offer children and young people (and their families) support, consistency and understanding without the threat of removing them from their peers, their teachers/support staff and their means of education... which will further damage life chances and mental/ emotional health.

If getting back into school is of such importance that the government went ahead with partial re-opening in June (against the advice of some scientists and education unions) and a full re-opening in September, then it seems illogical to exclude those very children and young people when they struggle to adjust to the "new normal".

We want every school to "give all children the chance to thrive academically, emotionally and socially", as called for in the 2019 Timpson review.

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