Closed petition Consider support for swimming clubs due to Covid-19

Price rises and a lack of pool time could see a number of swimming clubs close. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, pool hire costs have increased in many areas and pool time has become extremely limited.

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Due to the current COVID-19 situation and the restrictions which remain in place many providers are under huge financial pressure. Swim England have stated that 44 swimming clubs in total have had substantial price rises by one provider alone.

Amateur swimming is under threat. Swimming benefits young people in so many ways, from tackling obesity to improving mental health. For example, according to Swim England, swimming saves the NHS £357m every year. It would be a monumental shame if swimming became one of leisure’s ‘forgotten activities’. Who is going to win gold medals for Great Britain at the Olympics if swimming is gone?

Please let us keep swimming, by supporting swimming clubs during Covid-19.

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