Closed petition Fund research into metabolism testing for brain tumour patients

Currently it is difficult for clinicians to authorise blood testing not in line with existing protocols for diagnosis. Funding should be used to examine the introduction of testing all blood markers for metabolism and possible causes driving the cancer.

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In May 2019, I was diagnosed with GBM 4. If assessment had been done I would have been assessed as pre diabetic and hyperinsulimic. If this had been addressed, they could have treated or advised me. Instead I have researched and self-funded an integrative pathway to correct these markers and extended my life expectancy by a considerable amount that others might not be able to do. There is little funding into brain tumours and treatment but there is clear evidence around the world to support metabolism has an effect. Advising on metabolism would most likely improve outcomes for many but it needs to be assessed at first point and needs to addressed alongside treatment. The Government should fund this specific area so that the NHS can revise current protocols in light of the evidence.

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