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Petition Access to specialist mental health support for bereaved parents after baby loss.

Bereaved parents who develop psychiatric illnesses are struggling to access timely mental health support. We urge the Government to fund specialist psychological support for bereaved parents, that is currently only available to mothers who have a living baby after child birth.

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In September 2019 our baby daughter sadly died. We were informed by our perinatal team that because our baby died we were no longer under their remit. We have since been diagnosed as suffering from PTSD due to birth trauma.

Maternity, perinatal and mental health services should not exclude bereaved parents who need access to good quality psychological support on the NHS.

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MPs to debate the effect of the covid-19 outbreak on people experiencing baby loss

MPs will debate the effect of the covid-19 outbreak on people experiencing baby loss this Thursday 5 November in Westminster Hall. The subject of the debate has been determined by the Backbench Business Committee.

This will be a general debate. General debates allow MPs to debate important issues, however they do not end in a vote nor can they change the law.

The debate will start at 1.30pm and last for 90 minutes.

Watch here this Thursday:
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