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Petition Create a Minister for Hospitality in the UK Government

The UK hospitality industry. Responsible for around 3m jobs, generating £130bn in activity, resulting in £38bn in taxation. Yet, unlike the Arts or Sports, we do not have a dedicated Minister.

We are asking that a Minister for Hospitality be created for the current, and successive governments.

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A dedicated Minister would liaise with industry representatives. We believe such a Minister would have been beneficial to Government & Industry during the pandemic.

As the UK seeks to encourage investment & tourism back to the UK in coming years, the vision that UK hospitality industry portrays of the UK is excellence, innovation, inspiration.

We need a Minister who can listen to concerns on taxation & legislation and bring forward suggestions to the chancellor and policy makers on our behalf.

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Parliament debated this topic

This topic was debated on 11 January 2021

Watch the petition 'Create a Minister for Hospitality in the UK Government' being debated

Government responded

This response was given on 3 November 2020

Responsibility for the hospitality sector is shared by Ministers in the Departments for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, and Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

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The Government recognises the importance of the UK’s hospitality sector, which plays a vital role in supporting local communities up and down the country and the UK economy. The sector is extremely broad, ranging from the arts and entertainment to pubs, cafes and restaurants, and as such responsibility for the sector as a whole is shared by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport.

Ministers in both Departments have worked closely with business leaders and representative bodies from across the sector throughout the pandemic to ensure that the interests of the hospitality businesses and their employees are fully represented within Government. Hospitality sector business leaders were consulted on the Government’s Covid-Secure Guidance for businesses, and Ministerial engagement with the sector has helped to shape the Government’s extensive package of business support measures, which has included the job retention scheme, reduced VAT, rates relief, the commercial rent moratorium, hospitality grants, loan support schemes, the self-employed income support scheme, regulatory easements to support outdoor hospitality and the Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Other parliamentary business

Petitions Committee Chair presses the Prime Minister on support for the hospitality sector

On Wednesday 13 January, Petitions Committee Chair Catherine McKinnell pressed the Prime Minister Boris Johnson on the need for further support for the hospitality sector.

Taking part in a session of the Liaison Committee, Mrs McKinnell urged the Prime Minister to meet with the creators of this petition to discuss their call for the Government to appoint a Minister for hospitality.

Watch the session:
Read the transcript:

What is the Liaison Committee?

The Liaison Committee is made up of the Chairs of the House of Commons select committees. It considers the overall work of all select committees, promotes effective scrutiny of Government, and chooses committee reports for debates. It questions the Prime Minister about policy, usually three times a year.

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