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Petition Review and fund improved diagnosis and treatment of ADHD

The average wait time to get a diagnosis for ADHD in England is 104 weeks in some areas.

Government should rethink and fund more services to spot ADHD sooner, bring diagnosis times down, help people with ADHD get back on track quickly and prevent strains on mental health and benefit systems.

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People with ADHD can flourish in work and relationships with access to the right support - but it can take 2 years on average to get diagnosed in some areas, and up to 4 in others.

I couldn’t keep my first job due to ADHD symptoms which could have been prevented with medical help. Now I am medicated, I am successful at work, leading a promising career.

I will walk 104 miles to parliament from Dorset to hand this petition in and make sure ADHD is spotted sooner and help others.

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