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Petition allow HMO permitted development rights to convert into studios

Allow houses in multiple occupation permitted development rights to convert into self contain studio accommodation improve the living conditions and reduces the risk of getting infected by Covid for the tenants .

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There is no reason that you can have a 6 person or larger HMO house that could have shared facilities but a landlord is not able to self contained rooms ( which is safer), there should be a push to reduced the shared accommodation element it would provide a boost for the economy , better living conditions and stop the spread of the covid vires too , the already set up HMO licencing system could be used you can already have a HMO that has studio units in and PD rights for small HMOs exsist .I also feel that the normal size standards should reflect the HMO size for rooms with kitchens not the planning size of a studio this would create more accommodation that would be affordable to key and low paid workers or for housing for DSS tenants.

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