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Petition Make Indefinite Leave to Remain available to anyone resident in UK for 10 years

Anyone who has spent 10+ years in the UK should be able to apply for ILR. Many non-UK citizens living in the UK face delays securing leave to remain, and may have been resident in the UK for many years before being able to start the continuous period of residence that makes them eligible for ILR.

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Our family have struggled for about 8 years to be granted leave to remain in the UK. This means we now need a further 10 years continuous residence to be eligible for ILR. It comes with a burden of visa extension every 2.5yrs with huge fees to pay. 1,000s of people are in a similar position.

ILR should be available to anyone who has spent 10+ years in the UK, especially children. Consider the past struggles humanely. Let us focus on our future, studies and our part to give back to the community by leaving behind this stressful life.

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