Rejected petition Exempt youth sport from new lockdown measures.

Review the closing of gyms, leisure centres and premises that provide youth sport. Look at ukactive data on COVID-19 in these settings (0.34 cases per 100,000 visits). Recognise the importance of youth sport for the mental and physical wellbeing of children. Provide evidence for restrictions.

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Sport clubs have worked tirelessly to adhered to strict social distancing and hygiene standards to keep their young members safe. Lockdown has had a negative impact on children's mental health and has exposed some to other risks, such as domestic violence. The wider impact, especially in areas of deprivation, of removing sports from children, again, will likely exacerbate health inequalities. Young people have sacrificed a lot already, sport clubs are more important than ever in supporting them.

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Supervised activities provided for children, including youth groups and activities, are already exempted from the new lockdown rules, and the provisions for closure of venues such as leisure centres and gyms already refer to ensuring provision remains available for youth sport and physical activity:

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