Rejected petition Recreational cannabis use should be legalised, regulated, and heavily taxed.

The Home Offices own assessment shows 7.6% of adults have used cannabis in the past year (2.6 million Brits). Use increased by 1.1% since the drugs reclassification, showing this approach has been ineffective. The black community is disproportinatley affected by cannabis convictions.

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A 2019 YouGov survey showed 48% of voters support the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use, compared to 24% who object.
Black community represents 5% of population but 20% of convictions.
In 2017 the UK had 7697 alcohol related deaths and 95,800 smoking related deaths in a stark contrast to the 3 deaths where cannabis was mentioned on the death certificate.
Regulation could reduce the number of harmful strains in circulation.
The industry could create jobs and additional tax revenue.

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