Rejected petition Legalise Cannabis Use, or Make Equally Harmful Drugs Such As Alcohol Illegal

The Government has previously claimed cannabis cannot be legalised as "There is clear scientific and medical evidence that cannabis is a harmful drug which can damage users' mental and physical health." The same can be said of alcohol.

Alcohol brings money into our economy. Cannabis could too.

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It's legal to self medicate with alcohol and nicotine, to the detriment of one's health— some cannot drink without severe harm due to preexisting health conditions. Drunkenness has contributed towards breaches of lockdown, causing societal harm, overworking our police. Yet the public is trusted to use these equally harmful drugs in moderation.

Legalise the personal use of cannabis within moderation— rethink reboot rebuild— create jobs in a legal cannabis trade; tax it to bolster the economy.

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