Closed petition Abolish the TV Licence fee

Abolish the TV licence fee altogether. Make the BBC a subscription service, so those who want it can pay for it. Anything the BBC produces these days, is shown on subscription services like Britbox.

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The BBC was set up Just after WW1 when the country did not have the money required to set up Radio services. After 100 years, we are still paying this outdated Tax.

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Other parliamentary business

Petitions Committee schedule e-petition session on TV licensing for 1 March 2021

On Monday 1 March the Petitions Committee will hold a virtual e-petition session to discuss the TV licensing. MPs will discuss the issue in light of a petition calling for the Government to Revoke the TV licence using legislation:

Watch live from 4.30pm on Monday 1 March:

Petitions sessions and debates are an opportunity for MPs to discuss the important issues raised by petitions, however they cannot directly change the law or result in a vote to implement the request of the petition.

The petition calling for the Government to revoke the TV licence using legislation is being considered in an e-petition session because sittings in Westminster Hall (where e-petitions are normally debated) have been suspended as part of Parliament’s arrangements for adapting to the Coronavirus outbreak.