Rejected petition Charge MPs market rate for food purchased in the House of Commons and Lords

End subsidised meals for MPs when attending parliament, as clearly if the people can’t afford it for hungry children then they can’t afford it for civil servants on a full time wage

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Over 500,000 people at the time of writing have signed a petition to end subsidised meals for MPs attending parliament, as hungry children in the UK will not be afforded the same right.
As the vote to not extend free school meals for children during the holidays was dismissed, the only reason for this can presumably be that the public purse cannot afford it. If that is the case, surely we can no longer afford to pay for the lunches of those earning almost triple the median UK wage

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Why was this petition rejected?

There’s already a petition about this issue. We cannot accept a new petition when we already have one about a very similar issue.

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Increase food and drink prices for MPs in House of Commons catering venues:

The House of Commons Catering service does not provide a subsidised service in the commercial sense of the word. Some venues make a profit, while in other venues the cost of providing the service does exceed the income received in sales due to the irregular hours and unpredictability of parliamentary business. The House of Commons publishes details of the cost of House of Commons catering services:

Customers of the House of Commons Catering Services include some of the 650 MPs but also around 14,500 other pass-holders, many of whom are staff on lower wages that work irregular hours. In addition, members of the public and non pass holding visitors to Parliament also have access to these services. The irregular hours and the unpredictability of Parliamentary business contribute to increasing the net cost of providing a catering service. To offset this many of the restaurants, dining room facilities and their staff, are used to cater for private events at times when they are not required by the House. This is one of a number of measures used to reduce costs.

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