Rejected petition Review the decibel of fireworks that are sold to the public, to reduce anxiety.

With government support, shops can introduce the sale of silent fireworks to the public. Bonfire night and New Years Eve fireworks are no longer one night, we have had countless weeks where fireworks are booming. The sale of silent fireworks were introduced by Sainsbury's, therefore it is possible.

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Unfortunately, there are many humans and animals who do not enjoy fireworks, e.g. many people with autism who are sensitive to noise. Many animals cannot explain their fear, suffering with crippling anxiety because of this.

Our recent vet bill for our 7 year old staffordshire bull terrier cost almost £60 for three doses of a calming medicine. Why should we have to sedate our animals for others?
Why should someone endure a panic attack because of the booming noises, that sound war-like?

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