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We believe the Royal Family is unaccountable and by both example and practice, it prevents meritocracy in the UK, and that a referendum should be held on the abolition of the monarchy. The monarch is completely undemocratic and not elected at all so the Brexit vote sets a precedence for its removal.

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The Brexit movement argued that the European Union is undemocratic as some of its institutions are not directly elected. 52% of the population agreed. No unelected Monarch should have the opportunity to influence the decisions of the Prime Minister nor any role in the appointment of members of the House of Lords.

The Monarch is the head of the Armed Forces, the Church of England, and Parliament, and owns the British Overseas Territories to which British subjects do not have an automatic right to live and work. While it is generally held that the Monarch does not exercise their sovereign powers to interfere in political matters, they have the ability to do so and this in itself undermines trust in this country’s democratic institutions.

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