Rejected petition Fund the NHS - Legalise licensed cannabis for commercial sale and use in the UK.

Cannabis should be decriminalised for personal use and be available for controlled and licensed sale.

The money that is gained from this should go exclusively towards the NHS for an agreed period - which we can all agree is the only thing holding this country together at the moment.

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The UK’s economy is going to be put in a bad place after a second national lockdown - but there are changes that can soothe this.

Several other places in the world have legalised recreational cannabis and have never looked back.

In just July 2019, Canada made CA$104.5M on cannabis alone. (37M pop, 15% users)

The UK spent more than £2.5B per year arresting people for cannabis offences as of 2015. That’s £2.6B of our money that could be better spent on the NHS.

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