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Closed petition Create a Government compensation scheme for all mesh implant recipients

The Government should urgently create a compensation scheme for ALL mesh victims. Mesh victims may never have mesh removed. I can’t work due to the crippling pain from a piece of mesh that was fitted inside me. “First Do No Harm” but I am harmed & trusted that this product was safe, and it wasn’t.

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I had a Rectopexy mesh operation after having a bowel prolapse. All mesh victims should be eligible including those who have had rectopexy, hernia, Sacrocolpopexy and vaginal mesh. I need compensation so I don’t end up in poverty through no fault of my own. I want to work & enjoy my life. This mesh was allowed to be implanted into humans seemingly without sufficient testing & it’s not fit for purpose. Compensation for a life of pain & suffering, which will only get worse as time goes by.

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