Rejected petition Devolve powers which enable the Scottish Government to decriminalise cannabis.

Fully devolve powers to the Scottish Government to allow a change to the current out if date laws surrounding the possession, consumption and personal cultivation of the cannabis plant in Scotland and hold a referendum on the legalisation of recreational cannabis containing high contents of THC.

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Scotland had the highest drug-death ratio in Europe in 2018, with nearly DOUBLE that of Estonia (next on the list) and about THREE times higher than the rest of these isles combined. The evidence for medicinal use of cannabis is overwhelming and it is utterly despicable that the current English government can deny anyone in Scotland access to medicine such as cannabis whilst they already acknowledge it’s medicinal properties. Cannabis is the opposite of a gateway drug, alcohol is the problem.

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Holding a referendum on legalising cannabis once powers were devolved would be a matter for the Scottish Government and Scottish Government, not the UK Government or House of Commons.

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