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Petition Do not reduce the overseas aid budget (from 0.7% GDP)

There are suggestions that the Government is planning to reduce its commitment to giving 0.7% of GDP as overseas aid. We want to keep this foreign aid commitment, and maintain this country's proud record in helping the world's poor.

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Helping the world's poor is an ethical imperative for a relatively rich country that consumes more than its share of the world's resources - it should continue to give some of these to help the development of the poorest - in both practical and monetary ways. All the world's religions and indeed humanists stress the ethical importance of this.

Furthermore, this is in the long term interest of the UK. Not addressing these problems will rebound back to the UK - we are a part of the world.

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Government responds to public petition on cuts to the aid budget

We're writing to let you know that the Government has responded to a public (paper) petition about cuts to the aid budget, presented to the House of Commons by David Linden MP, on behalf of residents of the constituency of Glasgow East.

The petition urges the Government to urgently reverse cuts to the aid budget.

You can read the petition and the Government's response here:

You can find out more about public (paper) petitions here:

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