Closed petition Work with Ofgem to increase use of voltage optimisation across UK power networks

The UK electricity Distribution Network operators are deliberately keeping the voltage high. The existing OFGEM regulations have no incentive for them to change behaviour. The Government should consider changing the voltage limits and introducing incentives which drive optimisation.

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Electricity network operators deliberately keep customer volts high. The regulations only incentivise a reduction in the number/duration of interruptions to supply. Quality of delivered electricity is ignored. This causes wasted energy, high bills, and excessive CO2 emissions. Now smart meters send live voltage readings to data centres and this has confirmed that the problem is universal. One regional network company has accepted the challenge to optimise the voltage by developing an innovative real time automatic voltage control system to keep the voltage lower for the benefit of customers and the environment. The forthcoming regulatory review should include mechanisms which incentivise voltage optimisation across the whole nation.

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