Closed petition Fund an NHS app for period tracking and sexual health advice for women.

Young women are now growing up in a digital environment, where sex ed is often monetised, unclear and dangerous. For the ordinary woman, the school sex ed curriculum may not answer all her questions, and the disadvantaged woman may not have access to sex education at all.

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Funding should be put aside for this app because it will help women and girls deal with these issues correctly, as many current apps are monetised meaning some women can’t access the expert advice on it; it should encourage safer sex; it could give more disadvantaged women access to this important information; it should make it clear that periods are medical and should be covered by our NHS and it could give a morale boost to the women in the workforce, aiding opportunity and prosperity.

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Government launches public survey on a new Women's Health Strategy

The Government has launched a public survey, to help decide on what should be included in its new Women’s Health Strategy for England.

They want to hear from women of all ages and backgrounds about their healthcare experiences. This will help the Government consider possible changes to NHS services.

The survey is open to anyone aged 16 or over.

Share your experiences with the Government here, by 30 May:

Specifically, the Government wants to hear views on the following themes:

  1. Placing women’s voices at the centre of their health and care
  2. Improving the quality and accessibility of information and education on women’s health
  3. Ensuring the health and care system understands and is responsive to women’s health and care needs across the life course
  4. Maximising women’s health in the workplace
  5. Ensuring research, evidence and data support improvements in women’s health
  6. Understanding and responding to the impacts of COVID-19 on women’s health

Find out more about the Strategy, and the issues the Government wants to hear about in its survey, here:

Read the full Call for Evidence here:

What is the Women's Health Strategy?

The Government has promised to develop a new Women's Health Strategy. The Strategy will aim to improve the health and wellbeing of women across England, and ensure NHS services in England are meeting women's needs.

In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, health services are the responsibility of the devolved Governments, so the Strategy will only apply to England.

Who is running the consultation?

The consultation is being run by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), the Government Department responsible for the NHS and oversight of social care in England.

Find out more about DHSC: