Closed petition Create statutory procedures for sexual offence complaints in all universities

We are calling for a statutory procedures written by the government in partnership with survivors of, professional advocates against, and experts in sexual violence and abuse, that every university in the UK is mandated to follow when investigating complaints of sexual offences.

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Self-serving institutions are not listening. Their indifference to the safety of their students is evidenced by absent safeguarding policies, difficult reporting procedures, inadequate investigations, and toxic campus environments. Many of those who are responsible for supporting students have proven to be incompetent at best, and complicit at worst. The government must step in and demand change to address the inconsistencies in student safety and support across universities in the UK.

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Other parliamentary business

Government announces new strategy for tackling violence against women and girls

On Wednesday 21 July, MPs questioned Victoria Atkins, the Minister for Safeguarding, on the Government's newly published Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy, following a ministerial statement.

In her statement, the Minister set out the actions the Government will be taking in response to the issue of violence against women and girls, including a national communications campaign focused on targeting harmful misogynistic attitudes, educating young people about healthy relationships, and ensuring that victims can access support. She also announced the launch of a £5 million 'safety of women at night' fund.

Watch the Government statement and MPs' questions:

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Read the Government press release on the launch of the Strategy:

Other actions set out in the strategy include a review of options to limit use of non-disclosure agreements in cases of sexual harassment in higher education, the appointment of a new national policing lead on violence against women and girls as well as two new violence against women and girls Transport Champions, and plans to criminalise so-called 'virginity testing'.

The Minister's statement also thanked the over 180,000 respondents to the public call for evidence on this issue, which she said had helped shape the Government's approach. It also confirmed the Government plans to publish a dedicated domestic abuse strategy later this year.

What is a ministerial statement?

Ministerial statements are a way for Ministers to bring an important matter to the attention of MPs, often at short notice. You can find out more about them here:

Ministers are the MPs and members of the House of Lords who are in the Government. They are appointed by the Prime Minister and each given a specific area of government policy to oversee, for example education, health and social care, or national defence.

Some senior Ministers are also referred to as Secretaries of State. Ministers speak on behalf of the Government during parliamentary debates and must answer questions put to them by other MPs or members of the House of Lords.