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Petition Ghost's Law - Kittens must be vaccinated and checked by vet before they’re sold

Kittens are being sold on websites by people who are not registered breeders. Without being checked by a vet and they’re not receiving their vaccinations. Health problems that are hereditary are not being discovered until later life, which leaves to a poor prognosis of the kitten.

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By requiring a vet to check over the kitten as well as the mother, it would allow potential owners to know about any problems that may arise. It would allow the vet to examine the kitten and mother and decide if they’re both happy and not at risk of any infections. It would prevent people breeding kittens for money and would lead to a better quality of life for the kittens. It would also allow the vet to insist on neutering if the mother is passing hereditary problems to the kittens such as FIV.

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