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Petition All nurseries and places of education to stay closed after Xmas to 15 January

The Government should delay the return to nurseries, schools, colleges and universities until 15.01.21, by requiring them to remain closed until this date, to reduce the spread of the Covid-19 virus as much as possible following the relaxations of restrictions.

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The relaxation of restrictions over the Xmas period plus the fact that many may ignore restrictions over the festive period is likely to lead to a growth in the R rate. The delay of all education until the 15.01.21 will prevent mass gatherings at schools and Universities and delay the travel of 1.2 million students until a stage when restrictions have been reimposed for some time. This should control a predicted surge in cases and hospitalisation, ease pressure on the NHS and implements the SAGE advice of needing a more severe set of restrictions implemented for easing over the Xmas period.

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