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Petition Ban the use of peat in horticulture and all growing media by 2023.

Peat bogs and moors are extremely important in the fight against the climate emergency; sequestering carbon better than many natural landscapes, reducing flooding and are great for biodiversity.The plan to stop peat use by 2030 is too late, and needs to be brought forward. Peat imports should cease.

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Peat currently makes up 40% of growing media used by the public, and over 60% of that used in the professional sector. There are other materials such as coir, composted wood and leafmould which can be used. Peatlands should not be mined, but protected and encouraged.

The government should immediately rescind extraction licences and compensate companies, and by the end of 2023 have all UK peatlands properly protected, and all growing media peat-free.

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