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Petition Require universities to refund for practical courses year 20/21 due to COVID-19

Many creative and practical courses such a Fashion Design rely on face to face teaching and access to workshops, and cannot be delivered effectively online like some other subjects. We pay £9,250 a year for a single hour per week on zoom. We deserve to be refunded.

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As a Fashion Design student I rely on not only using the campus workshop facilities and face to face teaching, but also the opportunity to travel and source materials for my coursework. The travel restrictions have severely limited choice for things such as fabrics, and cost us a fortune in online replacements. The lack of contact with tutors and access to resources has severely impacted everyone on my course, caused significant stress and affected our mental health.

Practical courses such as this cannot be delivered effectively online - this should be recognised by Government and they should require universities to refund us for this academic year.

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