Closed petition Make Universal Credit accessible for Students that lost their jobs due to COVID

Most Students are not allowed to access the Benefits system. 1 in 7 students relies on work to pay for the cost of living while studying, but many employers are making people redundant because of covid. Students working part-time jobs are likely to be the first ones to be fired.

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If financially independent students are made redundant, the only financial support they have is the Student Maintenance Loan. The amount of Maintenance loan for students living in London is £12,010. The average 2020 rent in London is somewhere between £700 and £780 for a "decent place" where to live. Yearly rent for £780 p/m: £9,360. This means that IN A YEAR, the disposable income is £2,650 and that students are expected to live off £220.83 p/m, in London.

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