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Petition Exempt CO2 neutral Efuel & other cleaner fuel cars from 2030 petrol & diesel ban

Government should allow the sale & future development of cars running on cleaner fuels such as higher bioethanol content E12 up to E85, & CO2 neutral Biomethane to cut CO2 & other emissions. Allow the sale past year 2030 of these cars going forward to reduce battery waste & lower car production CO2.

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Alternative fuels use current infrastructure, so more affordable for those on a low income. Making Batteries releases high emissions. Electric cars have impracticalities - long charging, lower range & fast charging leads to shorter battery life & expense.
EVs are heavy, tyres wear faster, more tyre particle dust & road damage.
Some can't charge near home.
Biomethane is more biodiverse & can be made from waste reducing pollution.

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