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Petition Ongoing 100% business rate relief for all Early Years settings in England

There has been continued campaigning from the EY sector to access 100% business rate relief for settings in England, in line with those in Scotland and Wales. A recent campaign gained over 10,000 signatures, however, the relief was only offered in response to the Covid-19 crisis.

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Early Years settings in the UK are hugely underfunded. Since 1999 and the introduction of the minimum wage, wages have increased by 151.5% including new pension and NI rules. In 1999, nurseries were paid £2.85 per hour. In 2021 some councils paid just £3.98. This 38% increase does not keep pace with minimum wage, let alone the proper salaries due to the increasingly highly trained practitioners. Rate relief is long overdue to offer some small recognition and consistency across the UK.

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