Closed petition Fund Vitamin D Public Health Campaign - Raise awareness to BAME & at risk groups

A targeted public health campaign is urgently required to give an informed choice and to alert the at risk groups of Vitamin D deficiency. The aim -To improve life chances during the Covid-19 pandemic. GPs can then test & prescribe tailored Vit D dosage to meet the deficiency needs.

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In light of recent research it's a matter of urgency 'Over 50 per cent of Asians living in the UK are severely deficient in vitamin D, leaving them more vulnerable to respiratory infections such as COVID-19 and musculoskeletal disorders, according to a large-scale population study published this week.
University of South Australia. "'Alarmingly high' vitamin D deficiency in the United Kingdom." ScienceDaily. ScienceDaily, 15 December 2020.

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