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Petition Reduce content for 2022 A-level and GCSE exams

Remote learning can be a challenge for children and i’m sure many would agree that the quality of education is no where near to the standard expected. To aid pupils through this hard time, consider reducing exam content.

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Remote learning is an extremely new concept and its outcomes have not yet become clear. It’s unfair for students to have to have to sit exams of the same format as they would if they were being taught face to face as per usual.

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This response was given on 15 March 2021

The department will continue to monitor the impact of the pandemic on all students, including those due to take exams in 2022, to ensure that students in this cohort can achieve a fair grade.

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The government remains clear that exams are the fairest method to assess students. GCSEs, AS and A levels rigorously assess the knowledge acquired by students and are in line with expected standards in countries with high performing education systems.

Despite the ongoing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, students and teachers are working hard in preparation for exams or assessments in 2022. We know that it is important that students in this cohort are able to get a grade safely and fairly and we will continue to monitor the impact of the pandemic on all students to ensure that those due to take exams in 2022 are supported to move on to the next stage of their lives.

We understand that students due to take exams in 2022 may have some concerns about how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted their education. We are committed to working with parents, teachers and education providers to develop a long-term plan to make sure that students have a chance to make up their education. We have appointed Sir Kevan Collins as Education Recovery Commissioner to advise on this plan.

As an immediate step, we have made available a further £700m to support education recovery measures. This builds on the £1bn from last year and brings total available to £1.7bn. Funding will support pupils across early years settings, schools and colleges and provides an additional ‘Recovery Premium’ for schools, expansion of tutoring in schools and colleges, summer schools in 2021 and early language support.

A range of high-quality online resources will be available for all teachers and pupils, starting from the summer term and throughout the summer holidays, provided by Oak National Academy, to help give pupils the confidence so that they are ready for the next academic year. We are also funding a short, focussed summer school offering a blend of academic study and enrichment activities with additional details on this due to be provided by the end of March.

Department for Education

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