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Petition Lobby to negotiate equal visa rights for U.K. citizens with property in EU area

Lobby the government to negotiate equal rights for U.K. citizens with properties in EU countries to those automatically awarded to EU citizens staying in the U.K., ie, 180 days in any 365 days. Not 2 x 90 day blocks as per current Schengen rules.

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At the moment the U.K. government has granted EU citizens the right to reside in the U.K. for up to 180 days without a visa. By Schengen rules (which now apply to U.K. citizens as a “third country”) U.K. residents are only permitted to stay in their property in an EU territory for 90 days (including travel days) then leave the Schengen area for another 90 days before they return. In my opinion this was an abdication of the U.K. government’s responsibility to its citizens. Many of whose invested heavily in EU properties & who are now denied the right to use them as they choose.

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