Closed petition Make it law for EHCP assessments to be automatically available.

Make it law that a child diagnosed with a condition that may affect their learning ability or any child that has been recognised but still undiagnosed due to waiting times, by school or professionals as needing extra help is automatically entitled to be assessed with their parents/guardians consent.

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Vulnerable children are struggling & parents have to fight for assessment. The gov allow local authorities (LA’s) to fail children & refuse to assess them leading to low success rates poor mental health & preventing them from being able to contribute to society as an adult.

Make it law that they are automatically entitled to assessment, with their consent & that they MUST be assessed in a given timescale. The attached link shows that LA’s aren’t correctly identifying needs. Of 3770 send tribunals 09/2019-08/2020 only 190 of those were won by LA’s, just over 5%. This means the LA’s failed 95% of the SEN children in cases taken to tribunal that year. This has to change, please sign.

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