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Petition Do not rollout Covid-19 vaccine passports

We want the Government to commit to not rolling out any e-vaccination status/immunity passport to the British public. Such passports could be used to restrict the rights of people who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine, which would be unacceptable.

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On Dec 14th 2020, Nadhim Zahawi MP said 'there are no plans for vaccine passports'. He continues to deny the Government has plans despite reports that people who have received the Covid-19 vaccine will be offered a passport proving they have been vaccinated as part of a government-funded trial.

The Government must be completely clear to the public about the use of vaccine passports & their intentions, which will undoubtedly affect societal cohesion & effect the economic recovery of Great Britain this year & into 2022.

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Parliament will debate this petition

Parliament will debate this petition on 15 March 2021.

You'll be able to watch online on the UK Parliament YouTube channel.

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Petitions Committee schedules debate on vaccine passports

On Monday 15 March, MPs will debate vaccine passports, in response to this petition.

Watch the debate (from 4.30pm, Mon 15 March):
Read the debate transcript (available shortly after the conclusion of the debate):
Follow the Committee on Twitter and join the discussion using #VaccinePassportDebate:

The debate has been scheduled by the Petitions Committee will be led by Committee member Mike Hill MP. MPs from all parties can take part, and the Government will send a Minister to respond.

What are petitions debates?

Petitions debates are ‘general’ debates which allow MPs from all parties to discuss the important issues raised by one or more petitions, and put their concerns to Government Ministers.

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