Closed petition Offer EU musicians a free 90 day visa to work in the UK

The Government should offer EU musicians a free 90 day working visa for the UK without requiring them to hold a certificate of sponsorship from an approved promoter. This should then be used as leverage with the EU to negotiate the same for UK musicians and crews to work in the EU.

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There are press reports that the Government did not offer this during Brexit negotiations and that is why the EU could not offer visa free work for UK musicians. They understandably need it to be a reciprocal arrangement.

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Government responds to Petitions Committee letter on UK-EU negotiations for visa-free travel

On 9 March, the Petitions Committee published the Government's response to the Committee's letter asking for clarity on UK-EU negotiations relating to arrangements for visa-free travel for artists and touring professionals in light of conflicting press reports.

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Read the Government's response:

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