Closed petition Reform council tax discount rules for over 65s with dementia

The Law needs to be changed so ALL over 65s with a mental impairment receive a Council Tax Discount at the point of GP certification, and not be required to prove they are entitled to a related benefit. Delays caused by this requirement can cause households to lose between £200 and £2,600.

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In January 2020 there were over 1 Million people in the UK with Dementia and 950,000 were over 65.

The level of care for many such patients is 24/7, immediate and intimate and usually undertaken by an elderly spouse.

However, due to current Council Tax Discount rules many people who suffer from dementia do not receive a discount until they have proved that they are entitled to a related benefit.

The present system can cause distress and financial hardship during a period of primary care for terminally ill patients and is cruel and unacceptable.

The LGF Act and the Disregards Order need changing to redress this, by removing the requirement for people with a mental impairment to also be entitled to a related benefit.

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