Closed petition Set up a National Nature Service to tackle the climate and unemployment crisis

With Government at all levels of the UK recently declaring ecological and climate emergencies and with the Covid-19 pandemic now expected to increase unemployment to levels not seen in a generation. I believe the time is right for a Government funded employment and training National Nature Service.

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Create a well funded employment programme offering living wage levels for quality training, education and work in conservation. It is vital that people of all ages must be given the option to join the service and are not forced.
The Service would work in partnership with conservation NGO's, Government Agencies and National Park Authorities.
Report after report bear witness to the destruction of the UK's natural world and we must take action to make a green and sustainable recovery a reality.

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Government respond to report on prioritising the climate and nature in post-covid recovery

The Environmental Audit Committee (EAC) published the Government's response to their report, "Growing back better: putting nature and net zero at the heart of the economic recovery."

In its report the EAC put forward a number of recommendations stressing the need for the economic recovery from covid-19 to be addressed in tandem with prioritising environmental priorities on climate change and nature recovery.

In a response to the report, the Government confirmed that the National Infrastructure Bank—set up to finance infrastructure projects across the UK—will be a public institution on a permanent basis. They have committed to reviewing the case for broadening the Bank’s mandate to include improving the UK’s natural capital, before bringing forward legislation to put the Bank on a statutory footing.

The Government response includes responses to the Committee’s recommendations on:

  • Transport infrastructure and nature recovery 
  • Homes and energy efficiency
  • Industry, particularly carbon border adjustments
  • Investment in nature
  • VAT reductions
  • Green finance

Read a summary of the Government response:

Read the full Government response:

Read the Committee's report:

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The Environmental Audit Committee is a cross-party group of MPs who look into how Government policies and departments contribute to environmental protection and sustainable development. The Committee is independent of the Government.

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