Closed petition Impose sanctions on Myanmar due to the military coup.

The British goverment should impose strict sanctions against Myanmar until the democratic goverment that has been elected by the people is released from prison and put back into office.

Democracy should always be defended from any type of oppression.

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For 12 years Myanmar has been free of a military dictatorship. It fought long and hard to achieve what it has. Life has improved for hundreds of thousands of Myanmar people.

Everything happening now stands against the values that we ourselves pride ourselves on as a country.

They have had their access to social media blocked to stop them reaching out for help imternationally and to suppress protesting against the coup which the people are against.

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Other parliamentary business

MPs examine the Government’s response to the ongoing military and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar

The House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee is holding an inquiry into the Government’s response to the ongoing military and humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.

The aim of this inquiry is to provide time-sensitive recommendations that will strengthen the UK Government’s efforts to mediate and limit further violence in Myanmar.

Read the announcement of the inquiry here:

Last month the Committee heard from voices from inside Myanmar, including Minister of International Cooperation, National Unity Government of Myanmar, alongside other prominent activists, and experts on the UN and civil society providing.

Find out more about this session:

Read transcripts of the session:

Further announcements about this inquiry will be published here:

What is the Foreign Affairs Committee?

The Foreign Affairs Committee is a cross-party group of MPs known as a 'select committee' which scrutinises the policy, administration and spending of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). The Committee is independent of the Government.

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You can get updates on their work by following the Committee on Twitter @CommonsForeign:

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