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Petition Kristian Johnsons Law. Life sentences for Death by Careless & Dangerous Driving.

Kristian Johnson was killed by a drink driver who was more than twice the legal limit. His killer was sentenced to 3 years for Causing Death by Careless Driving and is eligible for release from prison in 18 months. We want appropriate justice. Appropriate justice is a life sentence for these crimes.

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Kristian's killer was convicted of causing death by 'Careless Driving' rather than 'Dangerous Driving' - a crime which carries a maximum sentence of just 5 years. 18 months in prison is not justice for killing someone and is unlikely to deter future drink-driving. The sentence does not fit the crime. The impact to the lives of the victim’s family is incomprehensible and a sentence of 18 months further damages the family. Kristian was 24, of good health and should have had a full life ahead of him. Instead it was cut tragically short.

We are asking the Government to increase the maximum penalty to life sentences for death by careless driving as they promised in October 2017 and those convicted should serve a minimum of 15 years.

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