Closed petition Set a date for when non-practical university students can return to campus

The government’s Covid-19 roadmap of easing lockdown set dates for when the likes of pubs, nightclubs and holiday lets can open again at the earliest. However, us students on non-practical courses have not been given such a date for when we can return. The government should add this to the roadmap.

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The government confirmed students that require subject-specific facilities can return on 8th March. Students that don’t fit this criteria have been told that they will first review a return date “by the end of the Easter Holidays”. For a government that wants to prioritise education in the roadmap, this ruling is contradictory. Universities are safe; rather than schools where pupils are crammed into small rooms of 30, our class sizes are smaller, we wear face masks and we have to sit 2m apart.

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MPs question Government on lost teaching and rent for university students

On Thursday 15 April, MPs asked the Government about its recent announcement on when university students would be able to return to campus, and whether the Government would provide financial compensation to university students for lost teaching and rent during covid-19.

You can watch the question and the Government's response on Parliament TV:

You can read the question and the Government's response on the Hansard website:

Why was the question asked?

If an urgent or important matter arises which an MP believes requires an immediate answer from a government minister, they may apply to ask an urgent question.

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