Closed petition Introduce a 'litter tax' on all single-use packaging

A sales tax should be imposed on all products whose packaging can only be used once, such as drinks cans and plastic wrappers. The revenue should then be used to help clean up the environment and prevent plastics and other items getting into rivers and oceans.

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This work could create job opportunities for those who are out of work. The public should be told why a litter tax is needed, as a consequence of irresponsible behaviour.

I think this could help make our country less untidy. In other countries litter is hardly seen due to apparent better social behaviour and better methods to keep fields and roadsides clean. Look at any roadside or motorway verge, and see the levels of non-stop rubbish discarded. These items get into stream and rivers, and make our roads, towns and countryside so shabby. Use the revenue generated to create jobs and clean the country up.

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