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Petition Require Planning Permission for laying of Astroturf Lawns / Artificial Grass

Make install of astroturf require Planning Permission with valid reason for approval. Every day, more British gardens are being ripped out for plastic grass. Our entire ecosystem from Bees & Hedgehogs to Bats & Birds is losing precious habitat, all in the name of saving people 10-minutes mowing.

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Astroturf lawns come with huge negatives. There is a high carbon footprint at production and loss of carbon storage when a natural garden is replaced. Microplastics & plastic waste is a growing environmental concern. It's bad for soils & soil life which impedes drainage, increasing flooding. Countless species rely on lawns for pollen/nectar. By destroying insect life we are damaging our ecology from the ground up. Such a destructive & rapidly spreading practice should require planning permission

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