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In January 2021 the UK Government abolished the VAT on menstrual products, but failed to include period pants which continue to be taxed at 20% because the Government classifies them as a garment. The tax code must be brought up to date in line with products like tampons, pads, and menstrual cups.

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This tax is making an environmentally and financially sustainable alternative more expensive.

Disposable products can contain up to 90% plastic and cannot be recycled. To reduce period poverty, improve menstrual literacy and tackle the climate emergency, the Government must act to make this sustainable option more accessible.

We call on the Treasury to remove this burdensome financial barrier and encourage environmentally friendly consumer behaviour.'

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VAT on period pants to be scrapped

The Government has said that the zero rate of VAT on Women's Sanitary Products will include period underwear from January 2024.

The announcement was made as part of the Government's "Autumn Statement".

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Although there are often many different factors that lead to Government decisions, all petitions however big or small raise awareness of an issue and can help lead to change.

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